A poem for Stephen Hawking

Everyone is talking
About Stephen Hawking.
My good friend
Explained how time can end.
And clued us in
On how time can begin.

Always droll,
He spoke about a hole:
“Now, wait a minute, Jack,
A black hole ain’t so black!”

Those immortal words he said,
Which millions now have duly read,
Hit physics like a ton of bricks.
Well, that’s how Stephen got his kicks.

Always grinning through his glasses,
He brought science to the masses,
Displayed a rare capacity
For humor and audacity.

And that’s why, on this somber day,
With relish we can gladly say:
“Thanks, Stephen, for the things you’ve done.
And most of all, thanks for the fun!”

And though there’s more to say, my friend,
This poem, too, must, sadly, end.

7 thoughts on “A poem for Stephen Hawking

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